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Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing and promoting distinctive work from an international community of primarily emerging photographers. ACMV was founded in 2010 by Julia Schiller and Oliver Schneider.

ACMV at Belfast Photo Festival 2013

ACMV was invited to the Belfast Photo Festival 2013 (thanks to Peggy Sue Amison & Michael Weir) to give a public talk and to show a curated slideshow about the festival’s theme Spectacle. Along with the International Photographic Collective AM Projects, ACMV presented a projection program focusing on the theme of Spectacle in Photography in the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast.

Among the featured artists were Maxwell Anderson, Alex Cretey Systermans, Amaury da Cunha, Tom Griggs, Barry W Hughes, Max Pinckers, Louis Porter, Alisa Resnik, Gilles Roudière and Zhang Xiao.

The projection was set to music by Darius Vaikas and Daisuke Tanabe (Project: Mooncircle), Noyce (Sunday Records), Kelpe (DRUT Records), Bunalim (Guerssen/Pharaway Sounds), Evil Zed (Emerald & Doreen) and Monto (Melted Music).
Find further details about the slideshow on ACMV

ACMV’s talk in Belfast explored in depth the festival’s theme “Spectacle” and the origins of the expression coined by the French philosopher Guy Debord. ACMV talked about possible solutions to avoid the dictate of commercialism in the arts by practicing a more empathic use of photography and forming communities of like-minded people.
Find further details about the talk on ACMV

We greatly enjoyed the atmosphere of this well-curated photo festival (and this city), and the immense hospitality of the entire festival team & director Michael Weir – many, many thanks again for everything!

during the opening week of Les Rencontres d’Arles 2014

ACMV had the pleasure to take part in the COSMOS Book Market, which took place from July 7 – 12, 2014 at La Muléta, 2 rue de la paix in Arles. Invited by Sebastian Hau & Olivier Cablat, ACMV presented its platform there on a cute little popup-table, and played some ping-pong with some lovely folks…

ACMV’s exhibition Bubble & Scrape
at Das Giftraum in Berlin-Neukölln 2014

For the exhibition Bubble & Scrape – Contours of Personal Utopias (Feature on ACMV | Feature on PiB), Actual Colors May Vary curated photographic works of Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz and Tom Griggs as part of the first Monat der Fotografie-OFF in Berlin, picking up on the festival’s theme “Utopia”.
The exhibition opened on November 7th 2014 at Das Giftraum in Berlin-Neukölln, with a DJ set by Barry Burns (Mogwai). The British Journal of Photography called the exhibition “a pleasant appetiser” for Paris Photo.

…btw, very few of ACMV’s tote bags are still available! Get in touch if you’re interested in one…

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