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Dancing Darkness

For the  Dancing Darkness group exhibition at the Patton Foundation Gallery, curated by Paul Elliot Grant, Julia designed the exhibition website and press release.

Curated by Elliott Paul Grant
Patton Foundation Gallery / Saarbruecken, Germany
Opening: December 7th, 2012, 7pm
Exhibition: Dec 8 – 21, 2012 and Jan 7 – 18, 2013

Participating artists:
Tamas Dobos, André Mailänder, Rachel Mrosek, Lilian Riewer, Julia Schiller, Oliver Schneider, Volker Schütz, Véronique Verdet

Confluence and the Patton Foundation are pleased to present Dancing Darkness. The exhibition was inspired by the Japanese dance form Butoh, and unites the work of eight artists and photographers. In Butoh, with roots in Noh drama and Zen Buddhism, the dancers express the interplay between emptiness and form, and between the light and darkness.

Similarly, the dance of light and darkness and the dance between emptiness and form can be seen in each of the artist’s work represented in this exhibition. Organized in the autumn of 2012, the photographs appearing were chosen by the artists and the curator Paul Elliot Grant via an intuitive ongoing conversation. Together the photographs are elemental, primary, spare, quiet and atmospheric. There is no attempt to specifically document a particular place or time, rather the viewer is asked to allow their own imagination to emerge and reflect upon the dance of light and darkness.

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