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About ele

Hello. We are ele. Like elephant. Or electric. Or elemental. We are Julia and/or Oliver. We are nice people. We like photography. And/or Design. And biking. Good food is also nice. Yes, we do websites too, like WordPress stuff. But also print stuff. Both and also other stuff, just ask! 🙂

Oliver Schneider

Oliver has been born a long time ago, specifics are lost, sadly. But judging by his dialect, he grew up in the Saar region.

He studied photography at the FH Dortmund and at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Diploma in art/photography) and worked as a photography assistant and in a photo lab. He showed his work in several international exhibitions.

He wrote his theory diploma about Guy Debords “Society of the spectacle”. Together with his wife Julia Schiller, Oliver co-founded an international blog dedicated to photography, Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}. They were invited to talk about the term “Spectacle” at the photo festival 2013 in Belfast. They also started Local Colors May Vary {LCMV}, a curated slideshow combining fine-art photography and live improvised music.

Together with his brother Markus, he co-founded two startup companies. Earthfaves offered local businesses an unique social marketing solution and users a platform for trusted location recommendations among friends. After that, they founded Lovewaves, a platform for ethical crowd-promotion. On the platform, the crowd could use their social networks in unison to make innovative, sustainable businesses better known, and in return they could use their advertising budgets for donations with a measurable social impact.

Since 1998, he is working as a self-employed and employed designer and art/creative director in Berlin, for various agencies such as Scholz & Volkmer, Edelman, Heimat et al. Oliver is a bike enthusiast, photography aficionado, music nerd, and design pragmatist. Over the years, he managed to get a lot of experience in building WordPress websites. After working for Adtelligence as an part-time art director for a few years, he just joined Julia in working on PiB, but both are available for commercial design projects , too.


Julia Schiller

Julia Schiller is a photographer, curator, publisher and art director, currently based in Berlin. Born in 1980, she grew up in a rural environment in a small market town near Landshut, Bavaria. After graduating from high school with majors in Art and English, she completed her master in Graphic Design and Media- & Communication Management (M.A.) in Munich in 2002.
The following four years she lived in Athens, Greece, where she could live out her creative side as an Art Director for a major advertising agency, BBDO Athens. In 2006 she moved to Berlin, Germany, where she continued to freelance as a creative director for renowned agencies such as ART+COM, Scholz & Volkmer, BBDO, Codeluxe, Hi-ReS!, Razorfish, Fork Unstable Media, Scholz & Friends, amongst others.

Together with her husband, Oliver Schneider, she started to run an international blog dedicated to photography, Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}. Besides taking part in international photography exhibitions themselves, they also curated exhibitions & screenings and participated in photography festivals.

In 2015 Julia decided to focus primarily on her passion for fine art photography by founding the first platform in Berlin solely decicated to photography exhibitions: PiB Photography in Berlin.

When not working on PiB, she and Oliver love to go on bike tours.
Julia is a member of SALOON Berlin, a network for female art professionals in Berlin.

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