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Oliver co-founded Lovewaves, a platform for ethical crowd-promotion.

LoveWaves was as a crowd-powered advertising solution for companies that want to maximize their social impact and their visibility in social networks. With LoveWaves, companies plant trees or feed the hungry with their ad budget and benefit from a crowd- powered advertising effect in social networks!

We found a solution to use the power of the crowd in social networks for global, positive social and environmental impact. We empowered social media users to rethink and inspire society about topics that are important for a future worth living.

It was founded by my brother Markus and myself and has been financed by friends and family. I helped to develop the service as such, together with Markus, and designed the WordPress-based homepage, logo, CI and the software and various marketing materials and pitches.

LoveWaves has been supported by Hilfswerft gGmbH, they help to promote social commitment through entrepreneurship with activation formats in the areas of sustainability, education and social entrepreneurship. They gave me the chance to present LoveWaves the first time in public at the Startup Camp Berlin 2017.

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